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Over 300 Years of Experience

We are fortunate to have highly dedicated staff.

We have over 300 years of experience in the feild.


What happens at Beaufort when it rains?

Sometimes we find bugs

 What kind of bug is it?


 This is a time to pull out a book and find out.


 Child; "What does it eat".

Educator: "Let's see"

With the new Hospital being built behind us, it's a good time to learn about pulleys.

This is a great way to also learn about taking turns and sharing.

Children also have the opportunity to collaborate on a joint goal

Of Course rain means puddles.

Which is a great opportunity to learn the science of volume and measurement

How much will fill this big bucket?

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On Oct 18th, 2014, we celebrated our 20 year history and serving the Comox Valley.



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We will be celebrating our 20th year of operation, on Oct 18th

anniversary logo

Please join us in the NIC Cafeteria at the Tyee Hall from 10:00am to noon.



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Tod mud kit2

The Toddlers have a new mud kitchen.

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A few weeks ago, Jason (a Ladybug parent who works as a paramedic) brought an ambulance to Beaufort.

S. was our volunteer who got to try on the neck brace and ride on the stretcher....

The children in Orca Room recently enjoyed a picnic outside.

Their conversation went like this:

"There is one country that is bigger than Canada you know, Russia!"

In the Orca Room, the children have been exploring the world of pirates...

Pirates of the West Coast are planning to go to Malcom Island. Let’s make a pirate ship! 

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Last week, the forest behind Beaufort Children`s Centre was cleared in order to accommodate the new hospital. As the mightly feller-buncher removed one tree after another, the children in the toddler room watched with interest and expressed their excitement, curiosity, concern, and empathy.

Watching the big machines 010 result

The children in the Orca Room experienced what it would be like to organize a live production and be in the spot light. Here's what they did:

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Adventures in the Forest

The Forest Play Space lets children be BRAVE and BOLD!
They make new discoveries here as individuals and with their friends, and sometimes to make  those discoveries it takes a bit of daring!
There are some real problem-solving skills being developed here, among the rocks and trees, as well as finding out new ways their bodies can move.
Which branches can I step on to climb this tree? Where will I put my hands next to pull myself up?

Discovering Penguins in the Hummingbird Room

Theresa: "We are going to make penguins.  I am going to paint your feet."

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An Icy Day: Part 2

One of the outside tote bins had a particularly intriguing kind of ice on it: the top layer was frozen, but there was still a shallow layer of liquid water underneath...
After exploring the possibilities of breaking the ice with first his mittened hand, and then with his bare fingers, C.H. announced: "I'm going to break the ice with this ball!"
C.H. worked enthusiastically, using the small plastic ball to break the ice. His plan worked smashingly well!

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An Icy Day: Part 1

It was a bright sunny morning in early December, and the Ladybug children were about to make new discoveries in their play yard.
Overnight ice had filled the puddles and frost glistened on the playground equipment!
A.H. called excitedly to me: "Jennye! It's an icy day!"

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Celebrating Staff

Remember that Secret Survey I sent out many weeks ago? Well, I received more than thirty replies from families! Messages filled with love and appreciation for the care and learning that all the educators share with our children every day. They're amazing.

I took those messages and, with the help of technology, wove them into the slideshow that many of you have already watched at home. So, as the photos appear, there is music in the background along with all your kind words and phrases.

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Silent Auction Spectacular!

Wow, we have received so many great items this year! Where to begin?

First, let me introduce you to my incredible Office Assistant Melanie Coyle and our Fundraising Chair Extraordinaire Ingrid Hopkins.

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Learning About Shapes

We placed colourful dot stickers on the table and the children loved placing them on coloured and black construction paper.

Organic Garden and Education Project

Well, plans are in the works for a new garden space at Beaufort. Very exciting...

It all began with a bare patch of grass that was begging for some attention.

A Village of Haunted Houses

The children used wood, glue, paint, and found objects to build unique homes for Halloween. As they worked, the following comments and conversations unfolded:

"I need a foundation or everything will fall"

"This house needs to be bigger!"

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All About Me

Room: Orca
Lesson Plan: Learning about Me
Documentation: G's baby brother
Date: September 28, 2012

Teacher: As we are learning how our bodies change, today we have a very special visitor. G, do you want to tell us who you brought to playschool?

G: My mom and my little brother. I'm a very good big sister. I help my mom everyday and I know all the rules!

M: My mom will have a baby too! I'm going to help my mom with our baby. I'm a good big sister too!