Our Values


Our mission is to provide outstanding early care and learning experiences to support the health, well-being and immense capabilities of young children, their families, early childhood educators, North Island College students and other community partners.


  • We envision and actively participate in a community that supports accessible, affordable and outstanding publicly funded early care and learning programs.
  • We create respectful, caring, inclusive relationships between staff, board members, families, NIC students and other community partners through open and consistent communication that supports the health and development of each child.
  • We are committed to working together to provide a safe, positive and nurturing environment where children are encouraged to explore and learn through a variety of creative and meaningful experiences.
  • We maintain an engaged, committed and connected board of directors to provide balanced, democratic, thoughtful and caring guidance on policy development to support the centre’s social, environmental and financial well-being.
  • We recognize the value of our staff and the need to retain and attract exceptional educators through innovative professional development opportunities, ongoing recognition, a supportive work environment and a competitive compensation package.


  • We offer a play-based program that is child-centered and enables young children to explore their interests, build on existing knowledge, and develop new understandings in a safe and warm environment that offers a rich assortment of materials and equipment.
Relationships are an important part of the learning process. We strive to build caring, respectful, and inclusive relationships with young children, their families, colleagues, and other community stakeholders. We have a long-standing partnership with North Island College and engage in various learning opportunities with both students and faculty.
Our work is guided by the BC Early Learning Framework, the Early Childhood Educators’ Code of Ethics, and the BC Child Care Regulation. In addition, our practice is informed by the cultural values and practices that make up our diverse community.